AEI Annual Action Plan

The Annual Action Plan is the Agency's planning instrument that includes the activities to be carried out in the corresponding year to achieve its objectives. It is structured around six axes of action backbones: Consolidation and structural development of the Agency, Management of financing instruments, Scientific-technical evaluation, Follow-up of grants, Management of agreements and Communication, dissemination and representation in forums of R+D. Through these axes, all the planned actions are described. In order to quantify the degree of compliance, an estimate of the workload, the indicator on the real load and the proposed goal of completion in the current year is included for each activity. Its regulation is determined in article 15 of Law 28/2006, of July 18, on State Agencies for the improvement of public services, and in article 23 of the Statute of the State Research Agency. The Annual Action Plans are approved by the Governing Council of the Agency in the month of January.