State Plans

State Plans for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation.

The State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation (PEICTI) is the main instrument of the General State Administration for the development and achievement of the objectives of the Spanish Strategy for Science and Technology and Innovation (EECTI).

The EECTI 2021-2027, currently in force, is structured in two state plans, the PEICTI 2021-2023, which is the one currently being executed, and the PEICTI 2024-2027. The plans include state aid for R+D+I that are managed by the AGE. A considerable part of this aid is granted through calls under a competitive competition regime.

The PEICTI 2021-2023 has been drawn up with the contributions and priorities of public research centers, universities, technology centers, business associations, technology platforms and experts from the scientific, technical and business community.

The PEICTI 2021-2023 is made up of four state programs that correspond to the general objectives established in the EECTI 2021-2027. The programs are:

  • State program to address the priorities of our environment.
  • State program to promote scientific-technical research and its transfer.
  • State program to develop, attract and retain talent.
  • State program to catalyze innovation and business leadership.

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