Protocol for Selection of Collaborators

Their selection is made according to the procedure approved by the Governing Council of the AEI on April 19, 2021, prepared with the advice and approval of its Scientific Committee: Protocol for choosing collaborators

Depending on their responsibility and functions, these collaborators can be of three types: Presidents, Coordinators or Managers. In general:

  • The President is from a Scientific-Technical Area. For this, it will require an overview of the ACT, of the Spanish groups and researchers who are dedicated to it, of its leadership with respect to other neighboring countries, of trends, resource needs, and institutional and geographic distribution.
  • The Coordinator is from a Scientific-Technical Subarea or subarea of ​​the area. Reporting to the presidency of its ACT, it will coordinate the preparation of evaluation and monitoring reports, the selection of experts, the development of commissions, the analysis and resolution of allegations, incidents and other procedures related to the financed activities.
  • The Manager is part of the team of collaborators of a sub-scope or Scientific-Technical Subarea. Reporting the Coordination of their subarea, the managers are responsible - together with the coordination itself - of preparing evaluation and monitoring reports, selecting experts, participating in commissions, analyzing and resolving allegations, incidents and other procedures related to the financed activities.

As described in the protocol, the Scientific Technical Committee, the Coordination, Evaluation and Follow-up Division, the executive staff and the AEI Directorate participate in the selection of new collaborators. The procedure varies according to the type of collaborator (president, coordinator or manager) and depending on their collaboration, they will be assigned to the Coordination, Evaluation and Follow-up Division or not.