Support Unit

Advisory Member: Lourdes Ramírez Santigosa.

Contact: Torrelaguna street 58 bis.


Principal functions:
  • Advise the Director of the AEI.
  • Support the Director of the AEI in the preparation of internal events and meetings and within the scope of the MCIN as well as in external events in attendance at workshops, conferences, etc.
  • Coordinate the institutional relations of the AEI.
  • Prepare and manage the AEI Communication Plan.
  • Assist the press and media as well as serve as contact with the MCIN press office. Respond to parliamentary questions and other requirements for reports and official statistical data.
  • Coordinate the preparation and monitoring of the Annual Action Plan and the General Activity Report of the AEI.
  • Coordinate and ensure compliance with the personal data protection regulations, for which it will collect the information required from the different units.
  • Attention to complaints, claims and general information requirements that citizens address to the AEI through different communication channels (call center, mailboxes, Transparency Portal, Citizen Service, etc.).