International Announcements

The AEI has been participating in the following international calls: 

  • JPI-HDHL. Joint Programming Initiative on diet and health.
    Announcements assumed by the new ERA4Health co-financed partnership of the Horizon Europe framework program.

  • European Research Area for Health Research Partnership (ERA4Health). ERA4Health focuses on addressing diseases and reducing the burden of disease by addressing the following challenges: the growing demand for a better quality of life and better patient care, the need to transform public health systems into more effective, efficient ones , equitable, accessible and resilient, and the need to strengthen disease prevention and health promotion.
    Periodicity: Annual, opening fourth quarter of the year.

  • Transforming Health and Care Systems (THCS). Co-financed partnership within the framework of Horizon Europe whose main activity is to finance research and innovation projects through transnational competitive announcements on the transformation and improvement of health and healthcare systems.
    Periodicity: Annual. Announcements in the last quarter of the year.

  • JPI-AMR. Joint Programming Initiative on antimicrobial resistance.
    A co-financed partnership is being formed within the framework of Horizon Europe that will begin operating in 2024.
    Periodicity: In the future partnership, it is planned to publish annual competitive announcements starting in 2024 or 2025.

  • NEURON. Neuroscience research. ERA-Net Cofund instrument.

    Periodicity: Annual, opening in January.

  • CRCNS. Program on computational neuroscience in collaboration with the United States of America, through the NSF (National Science Foundation), the NIH (National Institutes of Health) and the DOE (Department of Energy).

    Periodicity: Annual, opening in August.

  • ICRAD. Research in animal health. A new co-financed partnership has been formed within the framework of Horizon Europe that will begin operating at the end of 2023.

    Periodicity: The new EUP AH&W partnership plans to publish annual competitive announcements starting in 2024.

  • Water Security for the Planet: Water4All

    The Water4All partnership - Water Security for the Planet - is co-funded by the European Union under the Horizon Europe program (a key funding program for research and innovation). The duration of the Partnership is seven years starting in 2022. The objectives are to address the challenges of water as a means to address climate change, help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and boost the competitiveness and growth of the EU.
    Periodicity: Annual, call in September.

  • Sustainable Blue Economy Partnership: SBEP

    The SBEP Sustainable Blue Economy partnership represents an unprecedented effort by 60 partner institutions from 25 countries and the European Commission to pool investments in research and innovation and align national programs on a pan-European scale. As an association co-financed by Horizon Europe, its strategy takes into account the R+I agendas of the sea basins (Mediterranean, Black Sea, Baltic and North Sea) and the Atlantic Ocean and is based on lessons learned from previous initiatives.
    Periodicity: Annual, call in February.

  • The European Biodiversity Partnership: Biodiversa+

    The Biodiversa+ association is the European Biodiversity Association.  Support excellent biodiversity research with impact for society and policy. It is co-financed by the European Union under the Horizon Europe program as part of the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030, and will contribute to the ambition that “by 2030, nature in Europe is back on the path to recovery, and that By 2050, people will live in harmony with Nature.”
    Periodicity: Annual, call in September.

  • Biodiversa Network. Biodiversity.

    Periodicity: Annual, opening in September-October.
    Last announcement Biodivrestore. Restoration of aquatic systems.

  • JPI-Water. Water challenges in a changing world.

    Periodicity: Annual, opening the last quarter of the year.
    Last announcement Aquatic Pollutants. Emerging aquatic pollutants. Closed.

  • JPI-Oceans. Healthy oceans.

    Periodicity: Irregular.
    Last announcement Microplastics. Ecological aspects of microplastics. Closed.

  • PRIMA. Collaboration program in the Mediterranean area, including countries outside the European Union.

    Periodicity: Annual. Announcement for applications in January.

  • FLAG-ERA: ERA-Net supporting the Horizon 2020, Graphene and HBP Flagships.

    Periodicity: Irregular. Last announcement 2023.

  • Driving Urban Transitions to a sustainable future Partnership (DUT). Announcements for transnational research projects in support of the urban transitions necessary for a sustainable future and an improvement in the quality of life, through the following thematic pillars:
    • Positive Energy Districts Pathway (PED),
    • 15-minutes City Pathway (15mC),
    • Circular Urban Economies Pathway (CUE).

    Periodicity: Annual, opening in September.

  • ENUTC. Urbanism. Urban Transformation Capacities. JPI Urban Europe Framework.

    Periodicity: No calls currently.

  • Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETP). Announcements for research projects that cover the entire energy ecosystem, from basic technologies to the global electrical system, including infrastructure and urban areas and taking into account the participation of all actors for the energy transition, through the following thematic pillars:
    • Integrated Net-zero-emissions Energy System,
    • Zero emission Power Technologies,
    • Storage Technologies,
    • Renewable Fuels and CCU/CCS,
    • Efficient zero emission Heating and Cooling Solutions,
    • Integrated Regional Energy Systems,
    • Integrated Industrial Energy Systems,
    • Integration in the Built Environment.

    Periodicity: Annual, opening in September.

  • CSP. Energy concentration solar.

    Periodicity: No call currently.

  • SOLAR. Solar energy in a broad sense.

    Periodicity: ERA-Net completed.

  • GEOTHERMICA. Geothermal energy.

    Periodicity: ERA-Net completed.

  • ACT. Technologies CO2 capture.

    Periodicity: ERA-Net completed.