Reports on Announcements for Grants

The State Research Agency has launched a plan to analyze compliance with the objectives of its most relevant announcements and disseminate its main results.

These reports include an analysis at the time of the decision to grant the announcement, and usually highlight information such as:

  • Offer: particularities of the announcement and amount.
  • Demand: grant granted against applications submitted.
  • Success rate: grant granted versus requested.
  • Beneficiaries: classified by type.
  • People involved: disaggregation by sex, age or origin.

These reports include an analysis of the follow-up after the completion of all the grant executed in the analyzed announcement. They allow you to have a vision of the fulfillment of the specific objectives of the announcement, through the analysis of the final monitoring reports of each grant and the result indicators collected.

Within this section we include any other type of report, mainly those related to the perception or assessment of grant.