Institutional Image

On this page you can find the institutional image elements corresponding to the State Investigation Agency, for download.


Logo (MICIU.Gob + AEI) (jpg 439.397 KB)
Format: JPEG - Size: 5.104px × 1.068px.
Logo (MICIU.Gob.Web + AEI) - For use on web pages (jpg 462.899 KB)
Format: JPEG - Size: 5.512px × 1.068px.
AEI vector logo without background
Format: AI - Weight: 171KB
AEI logo without background (jpg 126.869 KB)
Format: JPEG - Size: 524px × 727px.
AEI vector logo
Format: AI - Weight: 158KB
AEI logo (jpg 182.76 KB)
Formato: JPEG - Size: 1.236px × 1.071px.